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Furthermore, we are working closely with industry to identify new interdisciplinary challenges and mechanisms by which we can facilitate innovation across the food sector. BBSRC provides funding which helps to ensure that advances in our scientific understanding translate into benefits for society and for the economy. DRINC supports research which will enable the food and drink industry to develop products with enhanced health benefits for consumers.

We fund research at universities across the UK, but also support a research institute dedicated to understanding food and health the Quadram Institute. Together with the Quadram Institute, the University of East Anglia and the North Norfolk University Hospital Trust, we are developing plans for a new, national research centre to meet the pressing challenge of maintaining good health through a good diet.

Many people are aware of government guidelines for a well-balanced diet: to eat plenty of wholegrain foods, fruit and vegetables. But with busy lifestyles often prioritising convenience over health, the search is on for new food products that can deliver the same health benefits. Research at Newcastle University has found that a seaweed extract added to bread not only boosts the dietary fibre content but could even aid weight loss.

For a number of years Professor Jeffrey Pearson's team have been studying the capacity of dietary fibre to help people feel fuller for longer. In particular they've been looking at alginates in seaweed, which are already a common ingredient as a fat replacement in many processed foods. Interestingly, they have shown that adding alginates to foods may also offer a way to keep the fat content of foods the same and still lose weight.

Following on from a previous study which showed that some alginates can inhibit the action of pancreatic lipase so that less fat is digested, Pearson's team have developed an alginate bread, which they tested in a model gut system that mimicked the chewing, gastric and intestinal processes. In this latest study, supported by the Diet and Health Research Industry Club a partnership led by BBSRC with the Medical Research Council, the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council and 13 industry members , Pearson's team have shown that alginate is released from the bread in the intestinal phase where lipase is most active.

What's more, in a subsequent acceptability study, using bread supplied by Greggs the baker, they demonstrated that alginates had no adverse effects on people, such as those associated with some weight management products currently on the market. This is very encouraging as we look to further develop alginate food products, building on the links that we have forged with industry," says Professor Pearson. Home Research Briefings Food, nutrition and health. We drive all facets of mint by taking mint in new directions, dimensions and combinations.

With our backward integration of agricultural independent raw materials and our deep understanding of nature, we have a unique raw material base that enable us to create mint flavor solutions consumers truly love.

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We closely follow market developments and emerging consumer needs in the healthcare category. This enables us to constantly adapt and enrich our product offering, delivering fit-for-purpose solutions that allow our to stay ahead in their respective markets. Consumers are increasingly looking for opportunities to improve their physical and mental well-being, and they look for products that not only facilitate their current lifestyle but also provide additional intensity and focus.

They want to live the best lives they possibly can. Consumers no longer want to wait for products that simply offer treatment — rather, they look actively for prevention. Therefore functionality with an emphasis on potent and strong formulations to help denote efficacy are key. Consumers are also drawn to traditional medicines and the inherent functionality of natural ingredients.

Malnutrition and its consequences for health

It is therefore increasingly important that we are able to deliver such qualities alongside the latest scientific advances. Even in the very traditional healthcare market, consumers are looking for more and more variety and improved convenience. This offers opportunities for more exotic or unusual flavors as well as alternative formats. The borders between food and healthcare products are blurring and with this, consumer desire for new taste experiences are also rising.

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Read more Perfumer to Perfumer Some are born into it, some stumble into it. What we do.

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Functionality Our long term experience and our in-depth understanding of the taste challenges that different functional ingredients e. Application Health care products occur in a variety of different application formats: from powders, granules, compressed tablets and effervescent tablets to chewing gum, chewy candy and fruit gums. Technology Depending on the application format and the requirements of our customers, we're able to select the most suitable delivery system for providing the best flavor performance.

We are experts in masking and flavor solutions for health care products We ensure that we're always aware of emerging consumer needs, our customer requirements regarding the taste challenges of their products and the requirements set by health care regulations.

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Our comprehensive masking competence We have a long-standing history in Taste Modulation. Quality assurance Quality assurance is at the heart of our daily work.

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  • Documentation and regulatory support We deliver documentation for our flavors in-line with the requirements of healthcare regulations, supporting our customers throughout the whole process - from product development to the final product registration. Prescription and non-prescription drugs Application formats: tablets, effervescent tablets, capsules, pellets, gum, hard boiled candies, powder, granules, paste liquid, spray, syrup, suspension, emulsion, tea Main taste tonalities: orange, lemon, cherry, raspberry, mint.