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Jesus' clear call to justice /​ Dorothy Yoder Nyce. Author. NYCE, Dorothy Yoder. Published. Scottdale, Pennsylvania: Herald Press, Physical Description.
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Yet each is an integral by-product of the Atonement of Jesus Christ.

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How can the Lord be both merciful and just? A perfectly just God will change neither the rules of the game nor the final score, so to speak. To do so would not be just. But that fact of life—the eternal law of justice, in and of itself—also raises difficult questions and real-life dilemmas. The plan of salvation, revealed in this dispensation through the Prophet Joseph Smith, with its unique provisions for those who never had an opportunity to come unto Christ, cuts a new path between the two.

That is justice. That is mercy. Church News.

Jesus and Social Justice (Full Sermon!)

Baptism is an act of confession and faith for the person being baptized. This ancient and holy ritual keeps central to our faith the issues of freedom and equity, made possible by the work of the triune God, in whose name we are baptized.

Who's Afraid of Social Justice?

From the time the person enters the covenant community of the church, as an infant or as an adult, the baptized is expected to affirm the power of God revealed in Christ: the same power that works against domination, violence, and all systems of hatred. These are life-long vows that we learn to keep through the means of grace and discipleship. This sacrament does not mince words, but is quite clear about our responsibility to live out our profession of faith, and to keep the promises we make. An excerpt of the ritual says:.

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During the ritual, when the pastor asks if the person being baptized accepts the freedom and power gives to resist evil, injustice, and oppression, this question is not to be spiritualized or trivialized. Baptismal vows charge each individual to create justice — not just in society, but in the church — by taking responsibility for injustice and holding people accountable for creating justice. The person being baptized is asked to accept the freedom and power of God for the work of peace which comes from justice. Baptism welcomes the person into a life of working against injustice and oppression of every form.

The work of justice has many forms within the church. Some people will be called to ministries of teaching or preaching, challenging people to consider racism just as evil as other forms of sin.

6. Jesus and Justice

Others will work at ministries of service and healing, reminding us that systemic injustice runs not only in society but in the church as well. Regardless of the forms of ministry, baptism is the ritual which keeps central to faith the necessity of justice work. This sacrament involves the entire congregation. All are renewed by water and the Spirit.

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No one is ever baptized alone. The ritual reminds those who have already been baptized that we have accepted power given by God for the work of justice.

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United Methodist congregations empowered to baptize girls and women just the same as boys and men — for in the sight of God — female is not inferior to male. Likewise, both poor and rich, both gay and straight, and both old and young are baptized.

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  • It is in the church we learn there is one baptism for all persons. It is in the church, we first practice what it means. The covenant of baptism empowers entire congregations to work for justice, no matter where injustice remains.